28 Excellent Bay Window Seat Examples for Your Recess Spot

A home may not always be complete without a bay window seat. Whether it is a house or an apartment, you can have at least one. Make sure that these bay window seats are suitable for the whole concept of your home.

Having a bay window seat at home may form a recessed nook inside. You can hang out here with a good book or just to relax. You can even have more of this for other rooms at home, like your kitchen or a dining area. An office space at home? Sure.

Still have no idea where to put it? Here are some of the examples:

1. The Bedroom Bay Window Seat

Having a bedroom with the morning sun coming through the window sounds beautiful. To make that come true, create a nook between two closets. This panel makes this seat a focal point of your bedroom.

The shades for the whole decoration must be something soft and elegant. If pink feels rather too bright for you, then a combination of a lavender cushion and throw pillows will do. They will also echo the colour of the wall.

2. Retro Living Room with Bay Window Seat

If you have a large living room, a sofa seating sounds like a perfect match. You can go retro with the ‘50’s style. For starters, you can have a coffee-table with tapered metal legs in the middle.

Then, you can place a long sofa close to the window. From there, you can see that the arrangement reinforces the style of your choice. Go for more neutral colours (like white for the window) and earth-tones for the furniture.

3. The Study Bay Window Seat

Having a bay window seat does not have to be on the ground floor. If you have a study on the second floor, you can also arrange this. A large window between two bookshelves facing each other makes it look even better.

The seat does not have to be so high. The cushion does not have to be so thick either, as long as it is comfortable enough. Add a throw pillow or two so you can relax. (Another suggestion is to add a bean bag next to the seating for decoration.)

4. The Living Room by The Fireplace

This is another living room example. You can set a bay window seat here, slightly facing the fireplace. This built-in perch is suitable for extra seating when you invite guests over.

The good thing about this seating arrangement is that it does not block the view outside the window. If you feel like having some sort of security and privacy from any peeping toms outside, sturdy wood shutters for the window make a safe addition.

5. Corner Living Room with Matching Furniture

Some houses also have an extra living room on the second floor. This corner living room is often only for close friends and relatives when they come over. It offers a more intimate atmosphere, so not everyone can come here.

Another thing you can do with this bay window seat is to have matching furniture pieces. Although the window is not exactly a bay window, you can have the elusive, blue double-bench here. This is comfort with a capital C.

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6. The Blue, Velcro Bay Window Seat

It is a blessing to live in a cottage or a condo overlooking the sea. With this large, open window, you can match the furniture with the ocean view before you. The blue, velcro bay window seat is surely a perfect match.

With a pair of comfortable throw pillows, you are all set to daydream while gazing at the ocean. If you need something to put your juicy drinking glass, add a matching pair of pink ottoman by your side. A little contrasting shade will not hurt.

7. The Home Office Bay Window Seat

Working from home does not only require a suitable home office. You will also need a suitable, bay window seat for a recess between two bookshelves. It will be a nice reminder that you still need a break once in a while.

With the creamy, white paint seat and chunky baseboards, the window’s raised panel-casing is highly complemented. Your home office will look simple, elegant, and also feel comfortable.

8. The Kitchen Bay Window Seat

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen also needs a bay window seat. If you have a windowed alcove there, here is your shot. Use side drawers to make an efficient use for an empty cavity in each banquette’s boxed base.

The corner in your kitchen here can also be multifunctional. You can have it as a dining table inside your kitchen. If you have a smaller house or an apartment, this means saving enough space. This is an efficient arrangement.

Well, these are ideas enough for you to start with and give your creative brain a little nudge. To further nudge your creative side, here are 50+ inspiring window seat ideas for your home.

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